Michaëlle Jean

Her Excellency, the right Honorable Governor General of Canada

Born September 6, 1957 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, she is the first person of Caribbean heritage to serve as Governor General, the third woman, second immigrant and the 27 th person.

While attending university, Michaëlle worked from 1979 until 1987 at a shelter for battered women. She later helped establish a network of shelters for women and children across Canada. Michaëlle also worked in organizations that helped immigrants to Canada.

Prior to her appointment as Governor General, Michaëlle was an award-winning reporter, filmmaker, and broadcaster. She has won many prizes, such as the Amnesty International journalism award. She has hosted and produced news and documentary programming for television on both the English and French services of the CBC.

Here, Her Excellency is holding K'cee Prettyshield an aboriginal child, while visiting the North Central Family Centre housing project in Regina, Sk

The poem reflects the emotion from the event.